Bridgethorne Retail EPoS Analytics

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Bridgethorne Retail EPoS Analytics
our fully hosted & supported retailer reporting solution

The data challenge:

Where ever your business or brand is as part of your commercial lifecycle we know todays commercial environment is challenging.  With so much to contend with we understand businesses need help liberating customer EPOS data to generate insight, actions and make better business decisions. Being able to quickly understand retailer, category and product performance is more important than ever before. It’s also a challenge increasing the amount of time your commercial team spend working with and selling to customers.


Our solution:

Bridgethorne Retail Analytics is an EPOS analytics service providing fast and efficient processing of complex data sets. Cost effective and flexible the service provides Visual Analytic Dashboards allowing you to understand retailer, category and product trends quickly. The service is flexible enough to be able to grow inline with your business performance and requirements allowing you to add retailers, categories and products at any time (subject to available EPOS data)


The benefits:

Increase the time your commercial teams spend working with and selling to your customers, reduce time downloading non added value spreadsheets and data. Create evidence based actions to grow your business, address product issues and make more informed business and customer decisions. Talk in measures your retailer truly understands and values.


Who is it suitable for:

Regardless of your business lifecycle stage, size, complexity or other data you purchase there is no restriction on who can benefit from the service.

Who Are Bridgethorne

We provide Leading edge customer management and help clients and categories grow. We have a proven track record of over 16 years with a strong focus upon pragmatic implementation. We create value for manufacturers and retailers by bringing insight to life through our understanding of customers as shoppers and consumers. We understand the trade and are recognised by leading authorities and retailers for our expertise.

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